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VOYAGE, our 90-minute production is available for school incursions with a post-show Q&A with cast and writer Helen Begley. Additionally, we offer workshops that can be tailored to suit several curriculums including the new VCE Australian History Curriculum, Drama, English and Music


Helen Begley’s VOYAGE was part of the official 2021 VCAA Drama Playlist selection.

"The choreographed movements, clever multiple use of props and silky, seamless transitions of scenes and characters was pure theatre and it greatly enhanced the show’s songs, its themes and ultimately its message."


-Colin Mockett, Entertainment Geelong




The Good Girl Song Project is pleased to offer incursions of Voyage. Voyage can be performed in most spaces, be it a sizeable classroom or in a school theatre. The company will also include a post-show Q&A with the cast and writer Helen Begley. 



+Travel time $30 per hour per person (cast of 5.)


A Q&A is a great opportunity for students of drama or Australian History to ask all their burning questions and look behind the scenes to the where, what and how of making an Australian theatre production that interprets the lives of women of the past. (45 mins)



Writer $100 plus $30 PH for travel expenses, each cast member is an additional $100.  The Q&A is also offered as an online experience. 

Film Stream: $15



 The film captures a live performance of Voyage filmed at 45 Downstairs in Melbourne. Students can get together and have a watch party and enjoy 90 minutes of live history! For an additional cost, the writer and members of the creative team are available for a QandA session after the screening.  


COST: $15.00 per stream

Q&A (See above)



Recreating History - One Song at a time

“History is boring!”  Writer, Helen Begley, and a Voyage cast member set out to disprove this statement. Their mission is to show students how to engage with the juicy, human parts of historical texts and bring them to life. we’ll touch on the 2022 VCE Australian history themes of Creating a Nation and Power and Resistance with a particular focus on women’s roles and female immigration in 19th Century Australia.  


Through practical exercises and challenging discussion, students will discover that when creativity collides with textbooks, history starts to sings.  (90mins)


Writer only $200

Writer and Cast Member $400 

+Travel time @$30 per hour per person



90 Minute Voice, Gesture Movement Workshops


The last two years have been difficult for students in Victoria, with many missing an important period of social and performative skill development. After hearing this feedback from several VCE teachers this year, we have decided to create and offer you a workshop designed to build students confidence in their play-making abilities. 


It’s so important when we are learning all the skills around play-making techniques in Units 1 & 2 of Drama/Theatre Studies that we have huge stages of trial and error, collaboration, team feedback; all things that couldn’t occur during lockdown. Our workshop allows students to take away a renewed sense of possibility, and offers a kit bag full of fresh theatre making tools that they can use to create their performance pieces.



Actor $200 + travel time @$30 per hour


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